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Spa Day

Let your Sewing  Machine or Vacuum have it's own  Spa Day.

 Bring in your machines & vacuums to Abe, Jose and Dalton for the TLC they deserve.

The cost for these specials services are:

Sewing Machine

Clean, Oil and adjust:

Mechanical Machines                       $62.99

Computerized Machines                    $74.99

Embroidery Machines                       $94.99

Sergers                                           $74.99


Regular Service                               $49.99

Tank w/power Head                          $62.99

Self propelled                                  $61.99

Rainbow only                                   $85.00

Rainbow w/power head                   $105.00

Kirby modes {G3,G4,G5,G6}             $69.99

Most Commercials                           $75.00

All Bag less Vacuums                       $65.00