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 Here at Midwest Sewing we have belts, bags, and parts for almost all vacuum brands!  Give us a call for more information!
 We service everything that we sell, and almost every other vacuum on the planet!  See below for pricing information
 Vac Service includes tearing down each unit, screw by screw.  Then we wash every single component of the unit.  We will go through the motor and electrical systems, making sure everything is in working order.  Then we service the brushroll of the vac, making sure bearing and brushes are in order.  After we re-assemble each unit we check suction, airflow and agitation levels assuring everything is as close to new as possible.  We finish off each service with a generous application of vac polish, giving your unit the shine it never had!

Regular Service - $49.99
Tank with powerhead - $62.99
Self propelled - $61.99
Rainbow - $85.00
Rainbow with powerhead - $105.00
Kirby - $69.99
Most Commercial units - $75.00
Bagless - 65.00
Our sewing service department has parts and can service most brands!  We also service Industrial machines, Sergers, and Embroidery machines! Call for more information!
 Sewing service includes, cleaning of machine, inside and out.  We also will re-oil and re-lube the whole machines making sure every shaft and gear is in proper order.  We will also make any and all mechanical adjustments needed, timing, tensions, etc.  Our techs will go in every machine and meticulously search for burrs on your needle plate, hook, or bobbincase.  Our tech will sew off every machine assuring tensions and balance are achieved.  when you get your machine home it will be as if you just took it out of its box, new!
 Mechanical machines - $62.99
Sergers - $74.99
Electronic machines - $74.99
Computerized machines - $95.00
Embroidery machines - $95.00
Industrial machines - $95.00
Blindstitch + specialty commercial - $129.99
Long-arm quilting machines - $129.99
*we guarantee all service for 30 days*


  (316) 262 3438

  (800) 848 6729

  111 S. Pattie
       Wichita, KS 67211


Midwest Sewing & Vacuum Center carries an excellent quality of solid sewing machines made by Bernina, Babylock, and Janome. In addition, Simplicity Vacuum cleaners hold true to their reputation of being an outstanding workhorse for the home and commercial vacuum cleaners.