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Air Purifiers

Lighting  Air purification system helps clear the air.

    * Safely reduces, not just masks odors and allergens
    * Covers up to 3,500 sq. ft.
    * Less expensive than other units, but packed with the same power
    * Quiet operation
    * Easy controls and on/off switch to tailor output to your needs
    * Low maintenance
    * 3-year limited warranty

Total Control

The control for the negative ion generation is separate from the acivated oxygen (O3) control so you can tailor the output to your needs. Negative ions can be created around the clock to keep down dust and particulate

Easy Operation

Activated oxygen plates are removed from two slots in the back of the unit and can be washed with ammonia water for easy maintenance.

"Lighting  Air  Air Purification system mimics nature's own process for cleaning the outdoor air. Electrical discharges (lightning) created activated oxygen (O3) in the air. These same discharges create negative ions in the air. With synergy, activated oxygen and negative ions both clean and purify the air.